too fat?


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My cham. eats like a horse, however many crickets and/or worms i throw in there will be gone pretty shortly. Lately i've been noticing that when she is walking on her vines she is much clumsier and flips upside down sometimes. She hasent fallen or anything but she will flip upside down on the vine and it takes her a minute to get back upright on the vine again then continues to walk. Is this normal or is she too fat? or something else?
How old is she? If she is 6 months or older she can do 4-6 crickets every other day with an occasional superworm, or hornworm. Silkworms are great to.

My girl is very plump and i made the mistake of feeding her to much when she was younger..therefore she laid a clutch of infertile eggs. ( eggs that are laid but not fertilized)

Laying inferitile clutches is hard on them and can be prevented by not feeding her so much and maybe reducing her basking temperature a bit.

Do you need help with a supplement schedule?


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she is about 5 months, And I've read a lot of the blogs on here so i know how to balance the 3 different types of supplements, basking temps and all that. I really think i've just been over feeding her because I wanted her to be fat and happy :).

I'll cut down on the amount of food I give her and see what happens. Thanks!


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Post a picture. It's easier to tell you based on her, and not just a description of her eating habits and behaviors.
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