Too Big?

Nic Pic

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Hey everyone, I am soon getting another cham and was wondering if a 260 gal. is too big for a baby or if it needs a smaller tank, thanks!:)
well that does seem large but I would rather have big than small. How old is the cham going to be? The problem with the larger cages with the young chams is the feeders hiding and the chams not being able to find the food. As long as you cup feed I think it would be ok or why not section off half the cage until the cham gets bigger? Just an idea......
Well I don't know how old it will be but probably a few months and I am cup feeding. Sectioning off the tank is a good idea too, thanks!:D
good idea , let the cage grow with the size of your chams , baby's must have acces to a lot of food and in a big cage its hard work to hunt
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