to warm?

King Zeus

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I Have a male bearded pyme and I am affraid it is to warm in the enclosure any advice?

enclosure; 12-12-12
lighting; zoo med mini deep dome with a 60watt UVA day bulb
Plants; Artificial Pothos vines other atificial and 1 Umbrella plant
Temperature; 80 degrees
Humidity; 35
Food Gut load crickets and meal worms as a treat:confused:
A bulb that size on a 12x12x12 is way to hot. Temp should be low to mid 70's. I would drop it down. One of our sponsors FL Chams have a care sheet for pygmy chams. Just click on view our sponsors at the top right and go to FL Chams.
Yes that is too warm. The cage should be low to mid 70s but can get down to mid 60s at night. You may not even need a bulb at all if you can't get it to stay cool enough. It's not truly known whether they need UV light at this point and I know many people don't use and have success. Also I would try to get the humidity higher too. That caresheet Laurie recommended is excellent!
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