To spay, or not to spay?

I have never heard of spaying a reptile before. When I took my female veiled in for her first ever check up my vet played on the scare tactics thick about egg laying. He said she's most likely going to get MBD, regardless of husbandry and supplements, due to the toll egg laying will have on her body, and of course theres the whole egg bound fears too.
He highly suggested I get her spayed, since I have no intention of ever mating her. He said it could improve her life span as well. (Now, I've always trusted my vets judgement, he's one of the most highly reccomended exotic vets in my state, but I've never had a female before so I've never experienced this side of things.)
Then the vet tech mentioned as I was checking out that they had a chameleon patient that's been spayed multiple times, like it doesn't stick since they'll continue to produce.. which seems counterproductive to me if I have to keep making her go through surgery, not to mention expensive.

I was wondering if anyone here has chosen to spay their female? What are everyone's thoughts on it? Pros? Cons?
I never even thought about this and I have a baby male right now....


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You do know what spaying is, but you're the only one talking about it.

We are talking about spaying, maybe you've heard the term neutered before? It's the girl version.

  1. sterilize (a female animal) by removing the ovaries.
I don't know what the surgery type spray is.


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Found out the hard way that Karma my Veiled Chameleon was female. She stopped eating her crickets so I took her to the vet. Turns out she was packed with follicles and starting to become calcium deficient. Doctors prescribed calcium drops and suggested providing a nesting area and to monitor her condition. After a couple days, she spent the night on the bottom of her cage. At first I thought she might be preparing to lay her eggs. I noticed the next day she was not managing to use her front left leg, so back to the vet. With a strong recommendation from the vet, we decided to have her spayed. It's been three days and the vet techs say she is recovering well and more alert than when she came in. She gets to come home today! So we are very optimistic!
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