To much saliva?


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My son is 8 months old and my husband and I read to much sometimes. Looking at other chameleons his mouth does seem a little more slimy. RI? Eating, exercising and drinking ok.


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U you are fine. If you want to "watch" for something, keep and eye out for popping noises. That means the nose is clogged and it has to breath out through the mouth, and it "pops", and may even have some crusty dried saliva. Its due to either an upper respiratory infection, or bad humidity.


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Humidity could be better. Open cage and fogger on all the time. Two sides of cage are closed off. Spray with a mister few times a day. I have a temp and humidity gauge. 80 to 90 basking and tropical sometimes lower humidity. Picked a crusty from his nose the other day. No popping sounds. Thank you I love this little guy!!
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