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Well we have been trying different things but are still struggling to keep our 7 month Panther's enclosure at a reasonable humidity. We are going to get a timed mister; however, I don't know if this will entirely solve our problem. When we dump the drainage, there is a lot of water. So on top of the mister, we are thinking of adding moss to the bottom of the enclosure to help absorb moisture and keep up the humidity. My questions are A) Does anyone else have lots of drainage and B) Does the moss toward the base seem reasonable and are there recommended types of moss for chams? Thanks a lot for any input!!

Definitely no moss, more mistings can help. Alot of people use homemade drainage systems. You can also get a humidifier, that will drastically help.
Thanks for the input, we are also going to get a humidifier for the room he is in since it gets so dry. But why no moss out of curiosity?
The concern with moss is the possibility of him ingesting it and becoming impacted. I would also be somewhat concerned about mold. Not sure what your setup is like, but real plants really help and you can always cover one or two sides of the enclosure with plastic (am assuming you're using an all-screen enclosure). Finally, if you are using one of those dial type humidity gauges they sell at the pet store, find something better as those tend to be very innacurate. And don't forget, it is natural for the humidity to fluctuate somewhat throughout the day. Good luck.
Try adding something that would keep the water from getting to the drainage. In my case it was a large live plant, the pot and the plant itself catch water and help maintain humidity. Also if you have a screen cage, attaching some plastic sheets to the sides should help (it worked with my cage).
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