Tips for enclosure design?


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Hello! I am a sorta-new chameleon owner. I have an 7 month veiled and I just got a brand new 24 x 24 x 48 reptibreeze cage for him. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips and tricks on supplies to use in the enclosure and the design itself. If you also have a picture of your enclosure, it would be amazing if you could post it so I can get some ideas :) tysm!


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I used different diameters of wooden dowels and zipties to create a tower and hung plants off that.


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I’d really look into investing in some dragon strand ledges they help you support potted plants and branches on the cage walls. @CamoChameleonsHuman idea is a very good one also. You want to be able to create sections in the cage where they can reach the top 7-8 inches for basking then a thick layer of foliage in the middle so they can retreat into the shade.


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Hi I recently built this enclosure for my chameleon! I have vines that I made, as well as bamboo sticks for added climbing spots.
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