Timers and lighting question


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Is it ok to have a uvb on a timer to go off with my heat lamp?

The uvb is a separate unit with a fuse and switch on it, will it affect my unit by having the power turned on and off everyday by the timer or will I continue switching it on and off at the unit like I've been doing? I wanna get timers for all my vivs, less work.
As far as I know it's fine to have the UVB on a timer and I can't imagine that it would effect the longevity or effectivness of it in any way.
You might consider, however, having the UVB go off 1/2 an hour after the basking light.
This way your cham can find his/her way to bed before complete darkness occurs.
I know several people do it this way and it makes sense to me....they don't see well in the dark.

I think I have the same set up and it works fine. (100w basking w/5.0 UVB) The fuse is a slow blow fuse which turns on the UVB lamp a few seconds after it's been initiated and the other lamp has already come on, so there's no immediate pull of voltage. I use a Radio Shack timer.
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