Time to stop checking Chameleon Forums before bed...


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I had a dream that I heard my Jackson's make a weird noise, so I leaned in really close to him, only to realize he could talk. He had a very quiet and weirdly breathy voice, and he thought I had been ignoring him all this time. Turns out he also can hear very well so I had to whisper my responses to him. My husband walked in the room and asked me what I was whispering. My chameleon said "Don't say anything, he'll make me move out" so I lied and said "Nothing" even though the whole situation was creepy...

I also had a report due for work, was late to catch a flight, and couldn't find my right shoe.

Stress dreams about an evil chameleon... Only you people will understand. :D
LOL. I have had so many chameleon dreams. Once I had one that my jackson shot his tongue at a bug on a wall and his tongue got stuck to the wall and broke off.

Another time I had a dream that my panther's cage collapsed and he was all hurt underneath.

Yours for sure is awesome though. I want a talking chameleon dream!
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