Time = GROWTH!!! LOL


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I just noticed today, how much Simba has grown over the past 5 weeks!!!:eek:

I don't think you notice when you see them every day, but for some reason it just seemed really obvious today. He was his happy colours, up on his branch by his basking lamp and just looks much bigger. About twice the size if not more than he was when I got him. Yey!!! (With a lil motherly tear at my lil boy growing up x)

Which in turn is really quite funny, as when I went in this morning, I couldn't see him ANYWHERE!!! Then just before panic set in, I saw his lil tail, then followed it up to find him right in front of my face looking straight at me as if to say "What u looking at?!" LOL

I was worried that I wasn't feeding him enough but yesterday and today, he has left a couple of feeders, so he must have had his fill.
He left 1 locust out of the 10 small he got yesterday. Ate all but maybe 10 of the ???? fruit flies I gave him this morning, then ate 3 of the 4 butterworms I put in for him at lunch time. Any feeders left at 5pm, I take out ;)

So I guess he must be getting enough grub...I can't wait till he sheds again!!! More colour on THE way!!! LOL

He'll be 4 months old on Monday, bless him. I reckon he'll need his adult cage come the Summer!! If not sooner. :eek: Going to get a dripper and a good mister, as well as sorting some decent drainage for that cage !!! ;)

Well, just thought I'd share my proud moment :D
Awwww! So glad he is growing well! I would so love to have a male as a baby to watch his colour come through. I shall enjoy watching Simba grow up for now instead!:D
Here's some pics (apologies for the poor focus, I must get a new camera!!), They don't really do him justice as you can't really see his size, and his lovely green is replaced with his " Go away, it's nearly bed time!!" colours. Took the hint when he started gaping and let him settle for the night. Bless him!! XXX












I was just saying this a few minutes ago "I can believe how BIG Zelig's getting!! He always looks so small in his huge cage, then we picked him up tonight, and I looked at him on my fingers while I took a picture and thought "heyy.. That's a lot more chameleon than finger... Last time it was opposite..." lol. :)
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