Throwing Up


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male Panther cross, 5.5 months old in my care for 4
Handling - 3 times a week
Feeding -6-8 large crickets everyday and superworms
Supplements - cal W/O D3 Mon-Thurs Fri-None Sat d3 alt with reptivite
Watering - spray 3 times till soaked daily. mister on timer, and reptifogger
Fecal Description - first its white and then normal poop
History - from kammer

Cage Info:
Cage Type - screen 18x18x36
Lighting - 40 Watt basking, reptisun 5.0
Temperature -72 ambient, 85 basking
Humidity - anywhere from 50-80 after spraying
Plants - umbrella plant
Placement - The cage is located next to my desk, jsuy above eye level
Location - Whittier ca

today I decided to feed my guy super worms. I had also fed him some last Thursday & this past Sunday, but about 4 hours after he ate them today he violently threw them all up. What should I do. He seems fine now, but I just want to make sure :(
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