Thoughts on end of (natural) life care?


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So I've been thinking about this a lot lately as my male carpet chameleon, Elton, approaches the end of his natural lifespan. He's 2 years and 2 months old currently (carpets live 2-3 years, for those that don't know) and I can tell he's starting to slow down. He's not quite as active anymore, tends to go to sleep early, and otherwise has less of that oomph we see from them in their primes.

What I'm wondering is, do you all do anything different for your elder chams in terms of husbandry to make their twilight months as comfortable as possible? Extra treats and natural sunlight? Lights off early to accommodate early sleepiness (I haven't been sure about this one)?

He's lived a good, very healthy life so far, and I look forward to our remaining days together. He still gets very excited for food and comes running when he sees me, so I hope he still has a good handful of months left in him. But we all know how quickly cham health can turn around, so I'm making sure to be thinking ahead.

And here's a bonus video of him ruining a black soldier fly's day (please forgive me for filming in portrait ;)):


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As long as Elton's still able to comfortably thermoregulate and eat/drink, I wouldn't change anything. If/when his mobility starts to suffer, changes may need to be made to his enclosure - I.e. providing him a less vertical cage/hospital bin so he can get around more easily with lower fall risk. More sun and treats are always appreciated, I'm sure!

They're such lovely little animals. I'd like some carpets one day!


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Has Elton got a lady friend? Nothing perks up an old man like a hot woman.
I worry about my carpets too. I've should have another 1-2 years with my pair
and have about 30 eggs incubating.
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