This lighting OK for panther (for a few months)?


I do plan on upgrading to a 24” T5 fixture as soon as one shows up in my reef club (they show up often enough).

In the interim Im using whats on hannd with new bulbs.

Cage is being set up for a future panther 2x2x6.



Setup is:

Left: 1 Viviosun grow LED (up to 36x36 coverage) mounted 5” above screen.

Mid: ZooMed Large dual dome with 100w heat and 5.0 24w UVB mounted 4” above screen and 12” above basking branch (82-83 degrees).

Right: t8 fixture with 10.0 uvb angled slightly towards cage center (and basking area), sitting 2” off screen and 12” away from basking branch.

Planning to do an ‘edge’ tank with heavy planting on left, more open(ish) on right side.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated.
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