This is Marshall's crib, tell us what you think!


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Here are some pictures of Marshall's new home. Marshall is my veiled chameleon. This cage is 3x 2x 1 1/2 and contains living folliage: creeping helix, ficus, philodendron, and 2 Phalaenopsis orchids (all of which are not toxic species). Rigid ribbon bark and manzanita branches are used as climbing media, as well as wild grape vine. Lighting consists of a reptisun 5.0 UVB light and a dome heat and basking light. As for the dripper, i used a discarded IV lactated ringers bag that i obtained from work :D. This is my favorite drip system yet because it allows me to regulate flow from a steady stream to 1 drop per minute! It also holds an entire leter of water, which will last a long time! Well, i hope you enjoy the pictures, and any input would be greatly appreciated!
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hey calavera, looks pretty good! great variety of plants! only recommendation i have is to either move some of the plants upward or get some more to place higher in the cage, because if your cham wants to hide, he wont want to hide "low" in the cage...give him some decent hiding spaces up high, he'll love you for it :) good work!

I too would suggest some more folliage towards the top (it's the same problem I have at the moment). If you want the plants you have to grow in, just use fake vines until the live plants grow to your needs. Looks Good =o)
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