This is Apollo!

Curtis James

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Sorry everyone, but I just can't help it, I love to share him.


But I do have some questions, so I am moving this weekend, what are some of the best ways to travel it is gonna be a 3 hour drive.. This is my biggest concern right now.

Also with him being around 1ft now and about 7-8 months do I really only feed him every other day? I feed him around 15 crickets everyday is that to many should I do the every other day?

Again I think I'm just crazy (altered minded) but I really think sometimes my chameleon can understand me just the way he looks at me when I'm talking to him idk I'm probably crazy but who know maybe he can.

Any thoughts would be great. Thank you all in advance

Ps smile it looks better on you.


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Looks like you got an extremely healthy veiled! Boy is HUGE! look at those limbs haha

Best way i've seen people move their chams is putting them in a box with a horizontal dowel that goes across so they can just curl up on and go to sleep. Another way was getting a laundry basket with a top and adding a branch or two for them aswell.

You gotta think some chams travel up to 12 hours being isolated in a box so your guy will be ok, just make sure it's dark enough for him to somewhat curl up and sleep.

Chams are deaf, so they can't hear you but I swear they can!!! haha

As for eating your guys still growing, so you shouldn't have to cut back on his diet. But just be sure to switch up your feeders. Throw in some hornworms, silkworms, dubia roaches, mantids, katy dids, moths, super worms, butterworms, wax worms, etc. Just be cautious when feeding the smaller worms and super worms as they can be equivalent to cocaine for chameleons :D

Curtis James

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Thats a nice looking Veiled you have there. Where did you pick him up from?

I got him from a reptile expo at the Minnesota state fair grounds in April. I wish I woulda asked how old he was at the time or remembered the vendors name....lame sauce....
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