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After having Norman for almost 10 months, I feel I'm ready to take on another chameleon. Norman is my first. He's a jackson I bought from a very reputable Pet store. These chameleons and other reptiles they buy are from top notch breeders and big reptile shows. I trust them with their business. One of the owners was very happy to hear that Norman was still doing great. So, I checked out one their panthers. Absolutely gorgeous. Full grown male. I picked him up and held him. He was very calm and comfortable. He actually ate from my hand. I was very pleased to see that. I'm debating whether to take on a new challenge. I don't know much about panthers, but I didn't know much about jacksons either. Seeing Norman thrive and be happy makes me think I can do it......what do you guys think??
Working with one more cham is not that much more work. As we all know the most work goes to the feeders. So 1 vs. 2 is not much maybe 5 min more a day.
How hard was your Jackson to take care of considering it was your first chameleon? I am thinking of getting a Jackson, but have heard that a beginner should not get one.
I guess most people would not recommend a jackson for a beginner. They require high humidity and cooler temperatures. If you flip through these old post you can find numerous tricks and equipment to keep humidity in their range. The cooler temperatures are not to hard to accomodate. They can be fussy eaters at times so in my opinion I would try to offer a wide variety from the start. As long as you do your research and have a plan set up they are not to bad for a beginner. The reason most people would not recommend them for beginners is they do not know the seriousness that you are approaching keeping a chameleon with. Jacksons are not as forgiving on bad husbandry attempts as say a veiled.
It seems farely easy to take care of a Jackson's. Although I wouldn't know the difference between them, this being my first. I keep the humidity around 80% and day temp at around 80-85 Farenheit. Night temp is around 68-73 degrees. The temp drop is very important. I've had Norman for about 10 months. He's doing great and is very healthy. I can say he's never had a problem eating. I let him hunt for his food. He's pretty agile. I think I'll be fine with the new Panther
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