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Hello, this is my first post on your forums and would like to say hi. I am semi-experienced with animals (check out my signature if you're wondering what I have), and was considering getting a chameleon. However, I know nothing about them, I have been doing a little research and I think I want a Jackson's Chameleon. The only thing I've noticed is that pictures of them seem to be defferent, sometimes they have horns sometimes they don't. I actually want the chameleon at the top of the page with the 3 horns, if this is the correct name for it please let me know :) . I realize that chameleons require very strict conditions and was wondering what they would be for this particular species. Thanks in advance.
It's a Johnston's (rwenzori mountain variety)

The chameleon pictured at the top of the page is not a Jacksons, it is a rwenzori mountain chameleon, a variety of Johnston's. Finding one for sale would be very difficult. Some regular Johnstons were recently imported, but you wont find any rwenzori. Jacksons are always available and look similar, although not quite as colorful. The reason you see some pictures with or without horns is there are different subspecies. Some varieties only the male has horns, while other varieties the male has more pronounced horns and the female has smaller horns. Hope this answers your questions.
I guess what I'm looking for is a Jackson's chameleon, with the horns lol. I know in the tarantula world females outlive males usually by a long time, is this true with chameleons too? or do they live as long as one another. also, if anyone could point me toward some caresheets or a previous thread that gives a lot of info about them that would be appreciated :) thanks
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