Thinking about mist system. HELP


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Today I went to the reptile super show in pomona. Anyway I went by the mistking stand and they only had 1 left and offered to sell it to us and were very nice.

But I did notice that the spray cannot be adjusted into a finer area. I know everyone says mistkings are very good, but the fact that it's going to spray OUT of the cage and not be able to be adjusted into a finer area annoys me.

Is there any type of rain dome or nozzle I can get where it ONLY sprays/drips in a concentrated area and doesn't mess up the paint on the walls?


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I saw them have mist kings set up in various cages EACH one had faint mist coming out of the cage because the mist nozzles were so wide.

And about the rain dome.. A company had theirs set up on an outstaleti's cage and it had mist flying EVERYWHERE.


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Okay so I have an idea.

Since I've heard Exo terra Monsoon breaks a lot, I still like the thin spray radius.

HOWEVER tell me what you think!

here's my idea.

I want to get plastic siding, maybe like thin sheets of pvc, and make it cover the ENTIRE back, and half of the sides. That way almost NO mist from the mistking will hurt the paint on the walls.

Good idea?


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We have an Aquazamp Low Profile Raindome. It does a pretty good job of not having too much backspray due to the shape. It mostly rains downward but mist does spray out the front of my cage a bit. Might not happen if you're able to center it on the top of your cage. I haven't noticed any damage to my walls, but you could line the back and half the sides of the cage if you're concerned. I don't think it's a bad idea.

My monster LOVES the rain and it seems more natural to me than just mist. Every morning he drinks from the drops that collect on the screen below the dome so I never have to worry about him being well hydrated.


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Mistking sprays very fine mist.:)

Yes that's what I'm worrying about.

I think maybe I'll get a raindome!

Mistking can wait for later, and I can have raindome and mistking on a timer, and the lights on a timer as well (a different one for night and day) so I don't have to mist him :p

They'll come on at the same time so the plant gets watered and he gets his mist.

I've decided I will help build a plastic backing for our cage and then we will be all set.


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what level of mist would be good for a baby panther chameleon?

Probably just a gentle mist. This could be achieved with one of those garden sprayers, so instead of the mistking blasting soft mist everywhere, you can manually control the light misting until he is older.

Are you worried about his nose getting clogged with water?
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