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since my veiled chameleon has been doing so awsome i'm debating on buying another chameleon to add to my collection. ever since i purchased my little chameleon i've had a blast taking care of him in every aspect. my little guy looks forward to seeing me each day which makes me happy. i'm thinking about purchasing a nosey be but i'm still looking around. as i type, i'm currently already setting up a new home for my future little guy. i can't wait!
New guy... veiled

My female would just love a smart and kind boyfriend and then there can be all kinds of really cool little guys for everyone. Especially since my little girl is very smart and talks. I don't know of anyone else's that is verbal like she is. She just chatters her mind. But she wants a nice guy veiled to visit her. Know of anyone?

Hello, I have to ask how long it took before your cham started to like you. I have had my veiled 6 mo old for about 3 weeks now. He is finally to the point where he doesn't try to chase my hand and bite it when I feed him. I got spoiled with my friends 5 yr old sunburst veiled. He liked walking onto your hand to come out. Just wondering. I am trying to be patient. Jeanie
Hi Jeanie,

Every chameleon has a different personality. Yours is not displaying anything unusual. He may never get to the point where he wants or even tolerates handling, but hopefully he won't try to bite you every time you feed him! Just give him time... he will get used to you. You need to work with him, because you need to be able to check him over once in a while and transport him to the shower, etc. safely. It really is true that these animals are not "pets", they are hands-off, antisocial creatures.

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