Thermostat for heat fixture

Hey guys, just wanted to ask and see if anyone knows of any good thermostats for heat bulbs. On the hot days my temps get too high and want something to keep it consistent


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I’ve been using a herp stat 2 and it works great. Uses a dimmer function to dial in your set temperature. I’m very happy with it.
it can also can work as a hygrostat and can control your lighting

Klyde O'Scope

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I have a very basic system on my beardie box that turns a muffin fan on when the enclosure temp hits 90, and turns off when it drops to 88. It would be a simple matter to turn a light bulb or CHE on or off instead of a fan.

I think the whole shebang including fan, thermometer w/probe, controller, etc. was under $50, and a good chunk of that was the fan & stuff you wouldn't need.
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