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Ok, so i've been going through forums, websites, talking to people as much as humanly possible...I have some questions on basically building the best setup possible for my chameleon. Right now he is in an all mesh screen cage, he's a baby so the cage isn't big but suitable enough for quite awhile. Now here's where my questions come into play...

A: would a partial glass/partial mesh screen cage be the best thing possible for my chameleon :reason i ask: keeping in humidity, misters, but also have the ability to have fresh air go through the cage.

B: the best kind of plant to put in my chameleons cage and how many? right now I have two bundles of fake leaves mounted in each corner of the cage and a fake plastic log that extend about 75% up in the cage...

C: the best kind of flooring? currently i'm just using reptibark for flooring, i figured it might hold moisture to help with the humidity levels.

D: i've heard of people using humidifiers from is there a perticular type or brand people prefer to use?

E: foggers? what are your opinions on them...i've read about them a little bit and some say they provide a haze of fluid on the enviorment( good for drinking?)

i know these are all fairly common questions but for some reason, i'm just not finding the answers i'm looking for...i want to give my chameleon the best possible life he can have. I've only had my little guy now for two days and things aren't so great, his right eye is acting funny and i'm scared that I might have purchased one with problems and the 24hr warranty is up..I'll feel horrible if I lose him so I want to do the best that i can possibly do and if i fail, then i plan to try again but with a more reputable place...any other information that you guys can give me would be awsome, thanks everyone..
Substrate: If you mean the bark chippings then they should be removed. I used to use these myself until I heard about a chameleon dying from ingesting some. When the chameleon died it was a mystery so the vet opened her up and found bark chippings inside her and gave the verdict that they had killed her. Upon hearing this I immediately removed the bark chippings from all of my vivs. Now I just use kitchen towel in three of my vivs. The other viv has nothing on the bottom as a huge amount of water passes through that one (for my Globifer chameleon).
I have never used humidifiers or foggers in the five years I have been keeping chameleons.
Plants: I prefer to use Benjamina Ficus. It is important to have at least one living plant in your chameleons viv. It helps with humidity and of course, makes the living conditions more natural for your chameleon. Another safe plant to use is Umbrella Plants (Schleffera) but in my experience, these don't live very long in a viv. Perhaps in your climate they will do better. Lastly I tried Hibiscus but again this soon died in my viv. I have found that most ficus plants are acceptable. If I cant find Benjamin Ficus (weeping fig) then I use different ficus plants such as Starlight or Daniella Ficus.
Vivariums: All of mine are wooden with glass sliding doors and 100% mesh ceilings and a large mesh panel under the doors. I have found these vivs to be suitable for all the 7 different chameleon species I have owned including at least one each of all the four different genus of true chameleons, Furcifer, Calumma, Chameleo and Bradypodian.

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