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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheGreenMachine67, May 17, 2018.

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    I’ve transformed my old rabbit hitch into a outside cage for Pascal. Although he gets weird when he’s outside. I’ve only brought him out a handful of times. Today being the first for the outside cage. I understand his environment might be new. But while bringing him outside I take him by hand. He know has learned to trust me I think. I am able to pick him up normally. He still had a few grumpy days. However most the time I can put my finger under his hands and lift up and he will then just climb on. When I bring him outside he gets a little strange. He does turn a little darker. I figured this was either from a new environment, or maybe even to bask. However he’s always got an eye on me. And tries to hide behind a plant or something so I can’t see him. Just not his normal behavior. The temperatures I bring him out are typically pretty warm. It was around 85 one time and today it is around 80 again. Also should I be worried about bugs? Like him eating them. Or even a wasp or something stinging. The cage has some part made of chicken wire so wasps and other smallish bugs could get in.

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    He’s probably turning dark to bask as you said. Make sure he has some shade and plenty of water. He may eat bugs outside, just make sure to have regular fecals done to check for parasites. Good looking boy BTW!
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    Thank you so much. He has definitely grown. Since the last post I made. He does have plenty of shade inside the cage. I mist him when he is inside frequently.

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