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What do you guys use to clean plants and branches. Everything in my cage is artificial and I have just been using hot water. Can I use soap or something because her cage is starting have a smell to it . Not realy bad, but enough just because I dont think hot water is doing the job.
Usually I soak mine in hot water, and every few times, I will get a bucket filled with warm, soapy water and swish the things inside it. Then rinse everything off.
what is causing the smell?

are you cleaning out any poop daily? Other than their poop there is nothing that should smell - especially with fake plants.

As for cleaning you can/should use a disenfectant such as Nolvasan or KHR (CHLORHEXIDINE SOLUTION) Here is a good site for both. Omaha Vaccine. I use the KHR.

You can also use a 1:10 (bleach:water) solution just be sure to rinse it well. But figuring out the cause foi the smell should be your first concern.

Is there a reason you are not using live plants? Just wondering
I dont know where to get live plants that are safe or what kind. And I am not sure if they are easy to keep alive?:confused: Thanks for the info.I orderd the KHR also. If you know of where, what , and care of some plants, please let me know. I would like to make her cage has happy for her as possible:cool:
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Well, right now I have a Golden Capella Schefflera aka Umbrella plant, and a Hibiscus as well as artificial plants and vines. The hibiscus looks like its dying, but I'm not sure if its the Chameleons eating all the leaves on it, or just to much ight. The Schefflera is doing fine though.

You can also try Pothos, Money Trees, Ficus, as well as spider plants etc. I buy mine from Home Depot, and the local Nursery.
Bluebeast has a really good safe plant list:

When I put a new plant in my cages, I wash the leaves with dish soap and rinse them really well. I also replace the dirt completely with dirt that doesn't have any fertilizer in it. The plants do.. ok. I swap the "big" plant out of my panther's cage every couple months. That way, the one that has been in there can recover for a while. The pothos I have in there does excellent. It is huge, and I am about to the point where I need to cut it back.

I must say thank you to all. You have been very helpful giving these links. THANKS :D Very smart to change the dirt I would not have thought of that. I will do some home work and try to find a nice hardy plant to start and keep you posted. Is it better to keep live plants?
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