the best of the panthers.


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there are so many different kind of panthers that i my self cannot decide which one is the best. i look at them all and say wow,they look wonderful. so i would like to know everyone opinion, which one is everyone favorite?


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Haha. Well, that's all up to whoever is looking. I have a pair of ambilobes. I'd say my favorites are nosy mitsios, but they're pretty rare in the US since there's not a large breeding population. Nosy bes are also a good looking type. But really, any nicely colored panther of any locale I think is beautiful.


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i guess it all depends on your tastes, for me its all about nosy falys, an ambanjas. well really i like them all but those are my two favorites as of now.


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I like east coast locales. Cant beat the red/yellow/orange/black/white on those guys!
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