That's Not a Pair!

In Trioceros cristatus the males are red and females are green. I'm not 100% convinced that's a female as there are areas of red (maybe it's just a crappy photo) but it does look like a pair to me.
Trace, you're thinking the second (lighter coloration) pic is a female? I had a male that often had that coloration.

I will say that I'm probably wrong then, cuz I'm used to seeing most females with at least a tinge of green.
Yeah I think the second photo is the female. There is a tinge of red to that specimen but the photo isn’t the best quality and she may just be throwing those odd colours because she is stressed, overheated (she is shown in a tank) and not 100% healthy. As I said I’m not completely convinced; it could be a juvenile male that hasn’t changed to the typical adult red yet.

Poor little things, I hope they find a good home soon. :(
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