Target now carries chameleons!

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Check out this chameleon the local target had available!


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Omg, how cute! I'm going to Target!

Tylene please pick up one for me. Even paying tax in calif and the cost of shipping it to me, it will still be cheaper than no tax in Montana, but me driving my Yukon 125 miles each way to get to the nearest Target.:( item will most likely cost the same both places.
Oh my!! I am SO going to target tomorrow for that! How adorable and it changes colors!!! That's super awesome!

Thank you so much for sharing!!
Wait you have one and didn't share? I have always thought you were so nice. I may need to rethink that.:rolleyes:

Well, in my defense, I don't actually physically have it yet. She emailed me a picture of it. We work on different campuses in the summer and I haven't seen her yet.

Number two, I would be more than happy to send you one, Laurie - if Tylene doesn't.

And C, I'll try to be better about sharing in the future. . . but I was an only child. . . so sharing doesn't come naturally!

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OMG!!! I want one! There aren't in Targets here yet - Nova Scotia, Canada. Darn!!! I'll have to see if I can find one elsewhere! That is SO cool!
Almost had a heart attack when I saw the thread title. I thought target literally carried live chameleons in a new pet department. That would be horrible since I would expect they treat their animals like some other big brand stores. Whew!
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