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Hi i hope someone can help, when i put crickets into eric's tank, between the mesh and polystrene at the back of the tank there is a little gap and the crickets are going into that so eric cant access them at all

im guessing it is due to the warmth as the heat lamp is pretty much directly onto that so the crickets must like the heat, does anyone know what i could use to block/fill this this gap as i dont want to use standard polystyrene and it has to be able to take heat so plastic is not an option, any advice would be much appreciated asap, as he isnt really eating the worms now so this is the only option to feed him at present

i sealed up some smaller corner gap/holes in my screen cage with a hot glue, using a hot glue gun. Do you have one?. It dries clear and hard and it stopped the crickets from getting in the holes.
Are you talking about that "fake rock wall" looking thing made of styrofoamy stuff? If so, just take it out! :)
yeh thats the one, i would but he likes climbing up it :)

there isnt even much to fill it in either its just finding something that i can use lol!
I know. I remember using it for geckos in the store too. Way more of a pain than it's worth though, in my opinion. I can forsee it becoming a problem to clean, too. I'm sure your guy will be happy climbing on whatever you put in there, plants, vines, branches, whatever, so seriously, I would just take it out.
I use them no problems and prefer to use it. Helps humidity,looks, and contains the mist from spraying. Yes crickets can hide along the top but usually cant get behind if you push it as far back as it goes. Most chams will wait and snag them when appear on top. I have modified some and cut notches before and left enough space between foam and screen for my cham to crawl back there when a baby. That was her hunting grounds for a while.

If your trying to fill the holes on bottom. I just used folded up paper towel so geckos didnt get behind. Be creative, cut a small piece of foam from craft store or look around house.
it is glued onto the back so taking it off will be a pain, how will the crickets actually survive in there anyway? i have 2 plants but they are plastic, i have peat about 1 & a half inches high along the ground but what will the crickets feed onto live and how long do they actually live for? i had a couple of dead ones in the box which i have hand fed him today, id rather the live crickets be in there for him to eat but they never come out from the top where they hide! il stuff tissue at the top for now until i can find a better solution would tissue be ok at the top? he wont be daft enough to eat that will he? he is a bloke lol
try wedging a little peice of paper towel between it or put some tap over it.i had the same problem and i covered it up with tape temporarily then once i got a hold of a hot glue gun i used that and it worked beautifuly.
im hoping to lend a glue gun so may not have to bother with that yet, i tried tape but its not good the way the foam is and the gap!
nice one mate, i didnt know they were that cheap i thought they were over £100 or something haha! didnt really want to pay a lot for one when id only be using it once! going totally off the subject are you a shalke fan? im united through and through haha!
hahahaha, no mate not really a football fan! anyway only been in Germany for 5 months, (soldier) :D
what i did was cut 3inches off the foam with makes a little ledge at the top the crickets still go up the back but then they come out the top where my cham is waiting.
haha ok no worries mate! well we won so it was a very happy birthday for me!

and hoj i am going to order the glue gun today, it seems the crickets that hide have actually grown and they look way to big for him to eat but they are a nightmare to try and catch!
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