Tank check please. R. temporalis


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Hello! I was hoping to get a tank check for the 1.2 R. temporalis I just ordered. Please tell me what you think. I will have UVB light on it by the time I get them but was wondering what kind of light to get. I would like a CFL. Not sure if I should get a 2.0 or a 5.0.

Hope his works. Not sure how to post photos on this forum. :rolleyes:


943465_10200695603346044_1929786125_n by Lunar Gecko, on Flickr


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I think I may want to add some moss and leaf litter to the bottom of the cage but I hate digging for eggs in planted tanks. I already have a few geckos that are set up that way and with small species I worry I will miss them or turn them when digging.

Oops! I just saw the pygmy tank forum. I apologize. Moderators please tell me if I should just repost or if you would like to move the thread. TY!


Edit: I will re post with some new pictures in the correct room.
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