Tamura design

You can buy or make fan setup. The whole pvc part of cage anyone can make at home. Yes a cnc does make it way easier. His hinges can buy same with latches. Now cnc will give you better results. If you can make cabinets you can copy his cage and make to fit you.
Here link for pvc if you live by action you'll have to order.

And my little fatty doing great. I bring her in today cause it got up to 87. This week getting lowes of 46 so she won't be sleep outside
Yeah we’ve been in the upper 70s during the day 50s at night , but we’re supposed to go back up into the 90s next week , so I’m only able to put them out a couple hours in the morning , but they did get to be out all day today .
Never said they molded. How long it take for your cage to completely dry out after misting. How long do you mist for. Do you have the fan that they sell to. Not saying they bad cages. Don't you mean screen vents on side cause side is pvc. Most people like them some don't. Me personally wouldn't buy after talking to few owners and there over priced for what they are. Yeah the back grounds look nice but white reflects light. The darker the color need more light. Can goto Lowe's and make same base cages not counting doors and screen for top for 164. Can order same parts that they use for stand for like 120 bucks and they do the cuts u just push together. So if u got just little skill like 8th grade shop class you can make
Hummm let's see, I mist for 2 min just before lights go on so when she wakes up, she has plenty to drink. I mist again just before the lights go off, so when my fogger comes on, and the humidity has something to stick to. I will run a dripper every so often to ensure she gets what she needs. If she runs to the dripper, then I adjust my misting. To what? I don't know yet. She ignores the dripper. I do run a small cooling fan at night to help me achieve the nighttime temp drop she needs. Other than that, that is only the fan I use. Her cage dries out nicely. The very bottom of her cage, under the plant racks, will hold moisture because of the heavy vegetation and fallen leaves, but I use a squeegee every couple of days to clean up the bottom of debris and waste. As for the screened sides. I would not call them vents. More like windows.

Nope, no skill. I never took a shop class. To each their own. I responded to this member's questions and offered her my experience with this enclosure. I have no personal stake in giving it a good review, but I do believe in calling out good work. In my opinion, this is a great cage, worth the extra money. The design is well thought out and highly functional. If the cost is too much for some folks, who have the basic skills to make their own, by all means. Everyone likes to save money :)
So I over mist my one cage that isn't bioactive. So it gets 5 mins before lights on 5 minutes before lights out and have leafs and stuff in bottom of cage and in 20 25 mins the leaf and whole cage dry no water on bottom. But the rooms condition temp and humidity play a roll. What's the temp in bottom cage. With highbred cages they work by high temps top low temps bottom. You would want about 10 degrees different from top to bottom. But you said almost same thing I was told bottom of cage doesn't dry so poor air flow.
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