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My veiled chameleon is extremely aggressive when I approach him, even with food!
He warms up a little but tries to bite me when I try to put my finger under his chin.
When I do hold him, he lets me pet him which is strange. I know hand feeding helps with taming, but does anyone have any other suggestions?
I find that my cham is mostly only aggressive when she is inside the cage. When i stick my hand in there she gets pretty pissed cause you knowk, I'm invading her privacy, they are territorial creatures after all. What i do which seems to work every time is, put on a long sleeve hoodie, something with sleeves long enough to pull over your fingers. Then very slowly and gently scoop my cham on both sides of her body, and touch her belly which makes her walk forward up my arms. Once shes out of the cage she is very peasant. I find the more i do this the more friendly and used to leaving the cage she is.:)

That's the only way I get Enzo out of his cage, mostly because I'm afraid of him biting me xD. I wish he would just crawl onto my arm like a nice boy. XD
There all different. Some tamer than others. Some dont let you hold them at all. As you said hand feeding is a good idea but dont do it to often as he may be unconfortable with it and stop feeding all together. Just gradually do it. My rango runs for me as soon as I have the cage open. He loves it. Try getting him out the cage for half hour and let him roam. He will like it eventually, then he will let you handle him. They are very clever and can easily associate you with food and freedom. :)

Once, I let him roam with me by his side and he crawled all the way up my curtain xD I got him down, but when I let him roam he always tries to run away. I guess thats normal. :)
I put him on a bamboo plant I have and he enjoys it, I make sure he does not eat the leaves because I don't know if they are dangerous for Veileds.
Yeah. Curtains are a favourite. He does to hide in the stranget places. Try to get a ficus golden king from your local garden centre. They should order you one in. Rango loves his plants.
my veiled is pretty chill,
but i sit in front of his cage with the door open for hours
when i am on the internet.
i feel this has made him more accustomed to me being there.
so he is not startled when
i walk up to feed or take him out for a walk whatever.:D
hope this helps
My chameleon is in my living room, I can have the cage open sometimes during the day when my nephew who lives with me isn't around. He has autism and LOVES to throw and "Show Enzo" things. I will try that and sit next to him while on the computer or watch tv. Thanks for the tip! :D
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