Talk about bad information on the web...


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I have never heard of this website, I guess because it’s full of poor information. Really horrible to see this.


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This has so much bad information in NOT believe this at all!

There's a little trick certain people use, where they assert total confidence into what they're saying, or in this case typing, to gain a following. Confidence is generally beneficial, but be aware of the pseudo confidence. It will still fool 90+%? of people into believing whatever it is being said. We all know those people IRL that seem so sure about any subject that comes up even with little to no experience. The counter to this is to be respectfully skeptical, always! Regarding people... Take a second to think about how many times they've humbly asked a question(rather than only giving answers), gave a flat out "IDK", or just seemed uncertain, but eager to know more. If none of the above, it means they're probably full of BS.

So when dealing with people/websites online... get second/third/fourth opinions, check multiple sources, look into the credentials of the person typing information up, etc. Don't read or listen to one thing and take it as the final answer. Even if the person does have a good background, they may be doing things that don't work for your situation. Don't tie emotions into learning either, by this I mean, sometimes people we hate say things that can help us grow and sometimes people we love will say flat out stupid things. Following this, at least for me, makes it easier to weed out the garbage from the good.


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Well technically it should be what fruits can a chameleon cant eat. If you read the second paragraph of each fruit, it says dont feed it or rarely. So its a list of foods to avoid. But still a very odd site topic.

"soda's you can put in your misting system"
Description of each one
and a warning to not put it in your mister.

Gets rid of the topic skimmers pretty quick :)

And if you want even more fun, check out the UVB section, their #2 choice is a fishing rod...
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