T. quadricornis pics


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First up is Spunky Brewster. A few years ago, Laurie gave me a son from her first clutch of quads. I raised him up and bred him to a WC I had raised from a juvie named Roberta. This is their daughter. She is the brother to Laurie's quad male Dirk.

Next up is a potential suitor that came from Perry. I have not named him. He's a young guy :)

Then we have the larger boy-also a potential mate. He is not named either but came from Chad @ Tiki.

For fun, here is one of my lats just about to hit breeding age. She is one of Tequesta's daughters I decided to keep.

And lastly (and most pudgy) is a F. campani girl.

Awwww Kevin they are all excellent. I do miss having a campani, but seeing yours is wonderful.

i am confused, Spunky Brewster is the brother of Dirk? Brother :rolleyes: The fin on the quad from Chad is perfect.

I guess looking at the carpet on your finger my baby could have eggs - ugh. I don't want that already, why won't these girls just wait??
Oh yeah also Laurie, send a pic of your girl. Don't worry if she's gravid or not-if she is she'll be fine and pass them. But breed her on the next cycle so you don't miss fertile ones next time :)
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