T. q. gracilior (updated)


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I keep them outside in SoCal, so it gets hot, they are shy by nature usually staying in the weeds, today the outside temp is 102 with 40% humidity (high for this area this time of year). In the area I call Little Cameroon it is 82 (hotter than usual or than I like it) with 90% humidity and raining (sprinkler on a 12 foot ladder).

I caught this guy out getting what I can only think of as a Cameroonian Rain Tan, he of course turned and made a rapid nose dive for the weeds, but i had my phone and caught him.

**I usually put in a disclaimer about taking terrible picture and my lizards being camera shy, BUT...I think this is a great photo of a camera shy lizard, so no disclaimer.**

20190723_121734 (2).jpg

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@Lennoncham But who really know why they do anything they do. One minute your there favourite tree the next minute you look at them wrong and they hate you for a month!!
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