symptoms of parasites

When my guys have parasites they have never had any signs. Maybe because I catch them early. I do fecals every 3 months. Some chams do show signs such as loosing weight, not eating, runny poop, smelly poop and if untreated they will become ill and inactive and close their eyes and die.
Symptoms may include

Loss of appetite
Loss of weight (even if chameleon is still eating)
Runny or mucus covered stool
Smelly stool
undigested feeders in stool
Blood in stool

Occasionally you can see worms in the stool but this is only for large parasites..most of what chameleons can get are too small to be seen with the naked eye

It is not uncommon to have none of these symptoms and still have parasites present. The best bet is to get a fecal done.

You can have it done at any vet does not have to be a reptile vet. and sometimes they will just take a sample without you having to bring the animal in. Though it is not a bad idea to get regular check ups of your chameleons anyway.
what they said, plus with some particular worms you can sometimes see them under the skin

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He hasn’t showed any symptoms of parasites other than the foul stool. He eats well moves around his cage a lot, he doesn’t look dark very often he always seems to be happy
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