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I have a Jackson chameleon, he's probably around 1.5 years old. I have been treating him for random mouth sores. He's been on a couple rounds of antibiotics. He gets better, then the swollen spots appear again. I've been feeding via syringe (reptile-aid) and hand feeding wax worms.

This morning he got worse, fortunately I had a vet follow up appointment today. The vet says, I should see a reptile specialist. I thought she was experienced in that area. She wants him to go off the antibiotics before seeing the specialist. She also mentioned putting him to sleep. : (

I'm heartbroken and not sure what to think. He held onto my hand most of the day, as he's quite a friendly fellow. Still has tail strength still climbs, definitely moving more slowly.

I'm feeling hopeless. Any thoughts?
I'm in Phoenix, AZ.

My Cham has the bomb of a set up!

18x18x48 breeze habitat
Fogger - timer set off 3x a day for 30 minutes
UVA/UVB - 2 bulbs reptile glo 5.0
Basking bulb
2 live plants - pathos & bdracanea
5-7 Branches/vines wrapped throughout

I have more, I will post once I get to work. - thank you!
What were you treating him with?

If it wasn't the right med, it may not be completely killing the infection.

Do you have 2 UVB bulbs?

and You need to fill out the entire help form.

with the parts about food, supplements, etc.
Chameleon Info:
- Jackson Chameleon – Male, approximately 1.5 years old, I have had him since last -May.
- Handling - I handle my chameleon daily
- Feeding – When he is healthy he eats small crickets and wax worms. Crickets are gut fed with the various Fluker’s gut foods for crickets. One time a week, I dust the crickets with the repti-cal. For the last 5 months, I’ve been feeding him Fluker’s Repti-Aide approx. 1.5-2cc via syringe. Plus, 2-3 wax worms. He eats around 6-8 in the evening.
-Supplements – no vitamins currently or cricket care, as he’s not eating them
-Watering – I have a fogger that is above the habitat, that way it drips (distilled water) into the habitat as it’s fogging. I spray the habitat each morning, and give him water via a syringe when he will take it. I give him water in the evening as well he laps it up.
-Fecal Description – The consistency of the droppings have been the same. The droppings have not been tested for parasites?
-History - He had a toe infection July of last year, which completely healed. Had his first mouth infection in October and it cleared up. Got a new one in January. Plus, his eyes swelled up, he looked really bad. Has been in good recovery until his new lip swell. : (

Cage Info:
-Cage Type – 18x18x48” breeze habitat – all screened.
-Lighting – UVA/UVB-ZOO MED 5.0 tropical – I just added a second bulb as the habitat looked dark when I reconfigured the fogger. Basking bulb – 75 not sure the brand. His lighting and fogging (this does not run the whole time) is on timers – 6am-9pm. Cooler evening – I have a night light.
-Temperature – Top temp 78-80 bottom 70-75 lowest possibly 60
-Humidity - Humidity levels run 40-60%? I’m creating and maintaining these levels by manually misting and utilizing the fogger and live plants? I measure the humidity with a hygrometer
-Plants – Live plants are in the habitat, pothos and a dracaena. Surrounded with many Fluker’s bendable vines.
-Placement – The habitat is located in the living room. Away from fans, air vents, and high traffic areas? The height of the top of the cage relative to your room floor is 2-3”
-Location – Phoenix AZ

Current Problem - Swelling lip and weird mucus "tonsil" at top inside mouth.
Has the vet cleaned out the sore areas to get rid of the pus and done a culture and sensitivity test so the chameleon can be put on the right antibiotic? If not you won't likely get rid of the infection.
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