Swollen Eye


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i agree with @SharpShooter, its not really a diy its more of a he needs the vet, could you fill out the how to ask for help form so we can help you figure out what led to this?


There're zero vets who specialise in reptiles here. So if there's anything i can do for prophylaxis to prevent it from getting worse, any advice maybe, i would appreciate it..
He's acting as usual and his routine is the same. He's 1,7 years old, hadn't any health issues before. Temperature and humidity are as required, he's getting his calcium and vitamins as scheduled (I do everything according to caresheet list).
His cage lights are the same, thought I've changed his free range bulb recently, maybe it has something to do with that? I have repti-glo for the cage, but reptisun for free range now, both 5.0
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