Switching plants between chameleons


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I was wondering, I have a plant that I have had with my new WC carpet chameleon for a few weeks now, and it is a little too big for his enclosure. I wanted to switch it to another enclosure that I am setting up for a chameleon I am getting at the end of the month. I havent gotten to take the carpet to the vet yet to check him for parasites, but I am wondering if cleaning the plant and leaving it out for a couple weeks will make it safe for a new chameleon? Or can it get parasites from that? Thanks for any help!
Plants are cheap so I would just get another plant. If the WC cham had parasites – then took a dump in the plant soil then there is a good chance there are parasites in the soil. So a cricket or other feeder could pick them up, get eaten by the new cham and pass them along.

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