Survival in Shipping Box?


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With the proper packaging and handling how long can a cham survive in a shipping box. I know animals come from other countries and shipped in less favorable conditions ..realistically my cham was shipped last night for over night Air around 6pm. Pacific time and is grounded or somewhere stuck in Indiana for a possible 24 hr delay. They said hes packed with 40 hr heat packs. No food no light no water probably the biggest issue being a very young baby. So is it possible to be in a box with no light water food for a few days and still come out good. Wishful thinking but seems pretty stressful for anything let alone a chameleon.
There have been people who have had delays. Perhaps someone in indiana could pick it up for you? I believe that's what Danny (lizardlover) did when his ended up in, I think it was Colorado.
I would be worried about dehydration since he/she is a baby. If the heat packs dont die on you he/she has a fighting chance. You have to take into account how strong was that baby when it was shipped out also. If he/she was a weaker offspring then your chances of survival are significantly lowered. But if packed properly they can survive 48 hrs in a box. I hope it all works out. Thats what sucks about shipping in winter and summer months.
I have already offered to drive from ohio to indiana to pick it up myself at any given moment, but denied as it being in a container maybe grounded at Airport or in the air Im really clueless on the hold but 24 delay out of indiana to say the least. Im pretty exhausted on talking with Fed Ex and LLL and TBH . I wait and time will tell .To everyone its business as usual and beyond they're control. Everyone did their part and they will all get paid at the end of the day. Customer and the animal get the short end of things. Fed ex told me to deny the package since it is late arrival I thought that was just insane. Then told me animal people might open my package / I asked WHY no reason to see if hes alive you going to feed and water spray him. Please do not open my package. Like this is about a joke. Im going to relax take care of all my other pets and try to put this behind me for the moment if possible. Im very frustrated at the same time Im the only one to blame as we all know shipping holidays cold not a breeder ...just not a good ideal to order well I went ahead and this is what I deserve I guess. The chameleon dont deserver this but he is just an animal to everyone else anyways.
Hey we all make decisions we would like to take back and change. Dont give up on the little guy yet. They are tougher than we give them credit for. If he was healthy at time of shipping he can make it. (a little prayer never hurts) Hope that didnt offend you but I believe in a greater power. ;)
no offense taken , Update I was called from Indianapolis Hub and supposedly its on the way to Ohio for delivery tomorrow but they will keep me updated if I can drive into cleveland and pick up from the cleveland hub when arrives tonight. So that is good news if any.
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