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Brad Ramsey

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Oy Vey!

So, I am constantly bragging on the "fabulousness" of the Blaptica dubia roach...they don't climb, stay in their drawer (yes I have been using Sterilite drawers for them with no trouble at all since January)...etc.
Well I'm still a little shaken over what happened ...not even an hour ago.
Keeping in mind my partner does not like that we have any bugs in the house...let alone roaches....imagine where my heart leapt to when, as we were laying in bed watching television, a B. dubia male flies across the room and onto my pillow. Yes, that's right he flew clear across our master bedroom (about 16 feet) !!!
The roaches are kept two floors below in the garage.
The dogs jumped..the cat sprang into action...Frank yelled "what was that?"
I quickly scooped it up and said "a moth" and took it out of the room.
We have no screen on one of our bedroom windows....I think it may have climbed up outside from the garage. That would mean that it flew up to the top of it's enclosure and squeezed out the's not all that secure...but they're dubias!
How many more males figured it out before this one???!!!
I have in the last few minutes dumped all the drawers into a large tub and secured the lid.
This cannot happen. We live in attached houses ...if one makes it to one of our neighbors.....(several of whom know I keep roaches.)
Anywho...I'll be on the lookout for stray male dubias for awhile AAAARGH!
It has been a hot summer and the garage is really hot (why I have them out there) and they have been quite active, but I have never seen a dubia fly or had one escape those enclosures.
Word to the wise.
'nuff said.

Are you sure it was a dubia? I've never heard of them flying and never seen mine fly. I know that there are hundreds of species of roaches and that some look alike. This is especially with the juveniles and nymphs. I occasionally order a new batch of nymphs and when they grow up they turn out to be discoid. It is easy for the farms to mix them up. You might want to examine the escapee a little more closely to make sure you know what it is.
It's a dubia!
I was surprised too (although I have heard they can fly).
But there is no question as to the species.


Now you've done it. I can handle crickets, and a few worms, but you have just convinced me that poor little Butter will never ever know the taste of a roach. Nope. Not happening. And thank you, I'm itching all over now.
Absolutely a male.
I'm thinking (hoping) this was just a singular ...sort of "freak" occurance.

Don't be put off roaches just because I underestimated the dubias talents.
They are a wonderful feeder!
Just choose your enclosures wisely.
I will be creating new B. dubia enclosures tomorrow.

Dubia's aren't fliers but they do and will in fact gain short distances and heights by fluttering. There is a difference between flying and fluttering, but they both accomplish the task of getting out and moving from point A to point B.

That said, I hate all roaches - cant handle them - gross! lol But wonderful feeders they are.
Fluttering sounds like they may flop about in the enclosure....
this thing caught some serious wind!
I still love them.

LOL..........i always see those male flap their wings chasing each other at night, never actually see them took flight.:D
Ha ha! Very cool, Brad. Good save with the moth statement.

I have seen male dubias "play" after the lights go out.. "fluttering" from one side of the enclosure to the other, chasing each other. First time I saw it I was amazed, because I didn't think they could move that fast.

Brad I just tell my partner to get over it and deal with the bugs. After 8 years he has grown to live with my need for repiles (and feeders). He hates crickets and roaches, but have a fond love for silkies - hornworms freak him out. I love it when they spit at him. - bah.
Spitting worms and flying Dubias. This is GREAT!!! Having desert lizards all my life never provided all this!!! LOL
I am with you... seen those male dubias fly many times. I always warn our customers and fellow herpers about the so-called "non-climbers and non-fliers"..... N O T...... even the Blatta Lateralis males can fly! :rolleyes:

aaarrrggghhh - nothing is safe.
Moral of the story - put a lid on it! :p

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