Surprise in the Schefflera


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Hey Everyone, I found this little guy this morning jumping around my Schefflera plant and I'm not really sure what he is or how he got there (I live in New Hampshire)! Any ideas on what he might be?... Good thing I saw him before i let Nagafen out to play.


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It looks like some sort of Anole which is very strange, i live in New Hampshire as well and they certainly aren't native here!
Have you recently gotten any new plants? It could have been from an egg. Schefflera are grown like corn down here in Florida, and then shipped all over the country.
The schefflera is new, I think I picked it up about a month ago so that must be it. Washed and re potted the plant and he/she still managed to survive!
Very cute! Not sure exactly what type of lizard you've got there, but it looks like a mixed breed of a gecko and something else. I have seen anoles with gecko markings by my house, I wonder if that's what you have there?
I don't know what he is but he sure is cute! I'd keep him & maybe try googling anole species native in New Hampshire & possibly Flordia? See if you get a hit :)
Looks like a brown anole hatchling. I ended up with one the same way. :) It hatched out of a potted palm tree I bought from home depot. I didn't know what the shell fragments were at the time. I remembered seeing them after I found the little bugger. It was basking in a sun ray on my living room floor. I live in Illinois, so they're not native here, either.
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