Surgery to remove eggs


Femal panther 2-3yr
screened cage 18in-2ft-4ft
mistking starts at 8am-7pm sprays every 2 hours for 3min
feed roaches and super worms gutload with repashy and dust with repashy
Feed 3-4 a day
Arcadea and incandescent bulb
Temp 80 day 70-75 night basking spot 90+

We had to move very fast and stay in a hotel I put her in a glass 18x18x24 all I had room for when we got to the hotel the next day she had very sunken eyes and low energy I gave lots of water and she would eat she got better the day after then the next day she looked okay but hen her eyes sunk in again she ate 2 roaches and threw the second on up the next day she seemed a little better still eating so I took her to the vet the vet took x-rays and said that she had some very large eggs and they didn't have a shell on them she felt that she wouldn't be able to pass them even I they form she want to do surgery to remove them and she wants to do a hysterectomy so the problem doesn't occur again she gave me antibiotic shots to give her and liquid calcium to give her everyday

I'm wanting some feedback on this I can see eggs and her ribs are all showing I have put her in Les boxes and she will not do anything


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I have some concerns with the husbandry you listed above, some of them would explain why her eggs didn't develop properly.

If you’d like a review to prevent future issues please post the COMPLETE help form and someone will help you.


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Exactly what supplements are you using?? Repashy makes tons of products... Any laying bin in the enclosure?

Fill out the help form linked in my signature. Complete the form so we can get a better understanding of your husbandry.


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I’m sorry to hear about your girl. Ask you vet how many times they have successfully done this surgery on a chameleon. Not many vets can do this surgery successfully.
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