Supplements and lack of appetite


So I’ve been taking my chameleon to the vet lately to treat a parasite load and to look into his lack of appetite. Admittedly I’m not super confident in my vets knowledge of chameleons, but he has been pretty persistent that I should feed the bugs I have with supplements, rather than dusting them with it.

His argument being that the cham can be put off by the dust on the bugs, as well as the supplements needing to be metabolised by the bugs liver prior to being ingested. I’ve read too much contrary opinions to believe this is true but it has made me curious.

Is there any known nutritional benefit to the insects eating the supplements? Or perhaps, could over-dusting the feeders cause a lack of appetite/interest? The less my lil’ man has been eating, the more I’ve been over-dusting to compensate and I’m starting to wonder if I’m creating a negative cycle making things worse.


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both are a good idea, I know that a lot of gut loads come with calcium in them, although my cham does fine with the dusting and chams should do fine with it, ive never heard of a cham losing their appetite from the dust. although I haven't been here very long lol I'm thinking maybe its the type of feeder, maybe hes sick of it. try silks BSF BSFL BBF roaches mantids and hornworms (on occasion for the hornworms)
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