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I have been reading the care sheets and threads on the forum and as well as info from my breeder, so now I have a question about my chameleon & his supplements since I think they are different from each other. He is a male panther, just over 4 months old now, kept indoors. in my 'owners manual' it says to give juveniles calcium with d3 every other day for juveniles, twice a week for adults and herptivite once a week. Is this too much D3? I don't want to overdose him? I think the case sheets said less often with the D3. When does he go from being a juvenile to adult because I know the dusting and feeding schedule changes at that point as well. I want to keep him healthy, strong, and well. Thanks.
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D3 can be overdosed.

We offer d3 twice a month for panthers.

His supplement schedule does not change as he grows older, but you are correct his feeding does.

When my chams are a juvi 6-8 months old, I feed as much food as they ca handle in about 15 minutes.

Eventually, my males let me know when they don't want to eat as much or as often by simply not eating.

Around 11 months old my male stopped eating for a few days so I stopped feeding him daily. I changed to every other day.
When he hit 2 years old, he stopped eating every other day so I switched to feeding every two days.
What camimom said, you want to give D3 twice a month and a multivitamin twice a month. Usually people do D3 one sunday and the multivitamin the next sunday and switch off every sunday. Then give him him calcium WITHOUT D3 for each of those feedings you aren't already supplementing (so everyday except sunday).

With this in mind I personally don't supplement my worms just my crickets. And right now he can eat as much as he wants. Just make sure there are no crickets left in the cage over night otherwise they may might bite him which could potentially cause infection.


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Thanks for the quick replies. I will get some regular calcium today and make changes. Thanks again.
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