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How many superworms is safe to feed a day? and how ong can they live for? i wanna buy them in bulk but they come in boxes of 500 and idk how many i can feed a day and or how long they will last.. any help
My veiled eats 2 or 3 every other day.
They are easy to gutload and live quite awhile.
Much better choice than mealworms. I like to give the cham freshly molted ones (white) they are really soft, and with so many these are almost always available.
I ordered 1000 at the end of April and need to order again...but, I still have some!
I feed them to the bullfrog and box turtle in the garden too and 1000 still lasts about 3 months.

Are super worms bigger than meal worms ? My veiled is a baby, so I'm wondering about size. I just bought some wax worms, and he ate one a couple days ago, and another yesterday.

Do you keep them in the fridge ? how do you gut load them ? and they live for 3 months without turning into some bug ?
Superworms or Zophoba worms are bigger than mealworms but you can order them small. Don't confuse the king mealworm for a zophoba...the kings are hormone grown mealworms and are (in my opinion) a bad choice.
Waxworms (despite how the petstore was keeping them) should not go in the fridge! Room temp is good and take them out of that sawdust.
My waxworms are kept in a couple inches of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with a few drops of raw honey on top. Waxworms are a beekeepers nightmare...a pest that lives off of honey and honeycomb.
They are very fatty and should be offered sparingly (2 or 3 a week).
Zophobas can be gutloaded with cereal, oats, bread, carrots, apple, sweet potato and collard greens. They will get their moisture from apple etc. so do not mist or offer water.

Sorry for stealing this thread !!!

But Brad, thank you so much !!!! Learning things every time I log on and read here !!!
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