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How big does a veiled chameleon have to be to eat superworms? Just curious. I would like to start mixing up their diet. Any suggestions?
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The general rule is not to feed any insect that is longer than the width of the chameleons head (eye to eye).
At this age they are going to be limited to crickets and maybe a couple of other small prey items. They are probably past the stage where fruitflies are of any use. You really can't start expanding the diet until they are quite a bit larger (IMHO).

Quick question before night time for my chameleons. Is a night temperature of 68F is good or is that a little to cold?
Veileds need a drop in temp at night (actually most of them do) 65 to 68 degrees is ideal.

Thanks for the past 2 days I have been trying to keep it in the low 70s using a heat lamp. My room temperature is about 68. So that means I don't need the lamp.
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