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  1. bluegeorge

    bluegeorge New Member

    I just read that you should only give mealworms as treats...which I do but I was wondering about superworms the same and are they good nutritionally for chams? I haven't fed any to my boy yet....they seem a bit big for him still.
  2. SuperRad

    SuperRad New Member

    Superworms, can be used as a staple feeder just like you would feed crickets or roaches or silkworms. They are not like mealworms.
  3. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    superworms are a bit better than mealworms.

    but their Ca to phosporus ratio is quite poor. To make them staple feeders, you should make sure to gutload and dust them well.

    If you want alternate feeders than crix that are better,
    silkworms, hornworms, phoenix worms, butter worms are much healthier than supers and mealies.
  4. bluegeorge

    bluegeorge New Member

    Gutloaded crix are the staple but I couldn't find any silkworms on line, they all seem to be sold out this week at a few of the places I buy them so I was looking at an alternative :D
  5. Brad Ramsey

    Brad Ramsey Retired Moderator

    Just like crickets and roaches.

    Superworms will eat whatever you give them, so gut loading is easy.
    I wouldn't dust every superworm. There are lots of times I don't dust at all or just do a few with Calcium/ No D3


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