Superworm Jailbreak


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So after promising my wife that NOT keeping a lid on my superworm bin was ok I was proven wrong. I just got in another 500 a couple of days ago. Filled a plastic dish that is about 15" x 12" and about 5" deep up to about an inch and a half from the top with wheat bran. Found 4 fugitives today :eek: got them back in the bin before my wife could see them. may screen a lid or something.


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yes, they can get out if they are close enough to the top. You figure if they stand their bodies straight up they can probably grip the edge of the container and make their getaway! I have found beetles that were escapees on my patio where I keep the container. From What I know, the only way they will pupate(except in rare instances) is to be separated from the bunch.
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