Super worm breeding?


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So I decided I was going to breed super worms and I have them separated in containers in my closet I was wondering how long does it take for them to turn into beetles?


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I’ve found it takes them forever and a day. :p
I had some that turned rather quickly within about a month or so and then I still have 1 very stubborn one that hasn’t been fed and has been isolated for at least 6 months if not longer and it still refuses to do anything. No idea how it’s even alive.


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Thanks is it true that they turn it beetle fast is they are in the dark
Well, I kept them in my garage which is dark except for a nightlight and when I go out there. My beetles are starting to die off and I’m kind of dreading trying again. I do like the small superworms though for my leopard geckos, so guess I’ll need to start again.


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I've never intentional tried to breed superworms. However, I did have a continuous turnover of them in my turtle/tortoise cages and a few other cages that had slightly moist substrate, pieces of really rotting wood and a supply of greens, veggies, etc. I didn't have to do any more than provide those 3 things.

Not sure that will help.
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