Sunshine vs Distress, Where do you draw the line?


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Ok so I like to take all of my babies outside for fresh air and sunshine. Since we finally got above the frozen artic line in temperature they each go out with me for 30-60 minutes of good old fashioned sun at least twice a week to four times a week. However here's the catch, (isn't there always one?) the move distresses my female Nosey Be so much she is dark almost black from the time I coax her onto my hand all the way through the walk to the outside tree. Once there she stays low and hidden for at least 45 minutes. Only then will she relax enough to crawl to the top of the tree and bask.
So at what point do you all call it quits and just let them stay indoors vs stressing them by moving them?
I did a search but nothing for this came up. The babies tolerate me moving them and enjoy the sun on their little mini forest, but my big girl is just so unhappy that I dare move her. I still feel the natural light is good enough that I will keep moving her as long as she isn't gravid, but I always wonder when is enough, enough?
Ok that was my thought.
Thanks everyone I always like to compare my husbandry to others:D
Do you think she would be less stressed if you tried to get her onto a stick or something else other than your hand? Like maybe a fake leaf covered dowel rod.
Two of our chameleons have showed signs of being scared when brought outside by doing the same thing, going dark and trying to hide and stay as low as they can get. I am going to to just keep bringing them outside but let them hang out on me until they start showing they are more comfortable with being out there and then hopefully when placed in their outside cages they will start to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
One of my boys really stresses out when he is outside. He runs out on to my hand but once he is outside he death grips my hand and gets low and turns dark. I get him in to his outdoor cage and pry him off my hand and he will just sit in that spot and not move for hours. I do see him looking at birds or airplanes, which I am sure are scary.

Eventuallly he will relax a little and start moving around, but it seems that he is just looking for a way out. I figure the more time outside the more used to it he will get. I left them out for 2.5 days last weekend and he did seem to relax more and more each day.

In my opinion, going outside is healthy and with more exposure they should get used to it. Just be sure they have an area where they can feel secure that has plenty of coverage and that is contained so they dont disappear when you turn your back.
It takes time for them to adjust.

ANy new environment, even if its good for them, like the sun, takes some getting used to.

It wont stress her out so much that it causes illness or anything though.

ive found the best way is to either take them and their cage outside, or put them in a cage you keep outside and let them relax.
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