Summer UV Meter Sizzler! Solarmeters are HOT!

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Limited Quantities - so please don't delay....

Just arriving from the factory--

The Ever Popular 6.2 177.77 + sh&h

The new one- the 6.5 that reads UV Index 199.99 + sh&h

What's that I hear?
You say you want both...?!
OK ....
so I have lost my mind.;):rolleyes:
366.66 + 12.00 sh&h

Please e-mail me for an invoice if you want the combo deal, since it is not an option on the web-site. [email protected]
Price too low... I might get in trouble.:eek:

Thank you as always!
I appreciate all the members of Chameleon forums and how much they have helped me these past 3 years.
Most Sincerely,
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